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"Senat” (Senate)

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In the State of Bremen, the "Senat” is the top executive organ, the cabinet, the ruling body of the government of Bremen. Consequently, the ministers are called "Senatoren" (Senators). Presiding the "Senat” is the "Präsident des Senats" (President of the Senate). In the other "Länder” of Germany he would be called Prime Minister. Moreover, as if to make things even more confusing, by tradition he is addressed as "Mayor".

Here you can find the members of the "Senat” and learn something about each of their duties and administrations.

This picture shows the Mayor and President of the Senat Dr. Carsten Sieling, jpg, 47.3 KB
Mayor and President of the Senat Dr. Carsten Sieling

Mayor and President of the Senat
Senator of Cultural Affairs
Senator for Religious Affairs

This picture shows the Mayor and Senator Karoline Linnert, jpg, 37.4 KB
Mayor and Senator Karoline Linnert

Senator of Finance

This picture shows Senator Ulrich Mäurer, jpg, 26.5 KB
Senator Dr. Ulrich Mäurer

Senator of the Interior

This picture shows Senator Martin Günthner, jpg, 34.6 KB
Senator Martin Günthner

Senator of Economy, Labour and Ports
Senator of Justice and Constitution

This picture shows Senator Dr. Joachim Lohse, jpg, 46.7 KB
Senator Dr. Joachim Lohse

Senator of Civil Engineering, Environment and Transportation

This picture shows Senator Anja Stahmann, jpg, 56.3 KB
Senator Anja Stahmann

Senator of Welfare, Women´s Affairs, Youth, Integration and Sports

Senator Dr. Eva Claudia Bogedan, jpg, 50.3 KB
Senator Dr. Eva Claudia Bogedan

Senator of Children and Education

Senator Prof. Dr. Eva Quante-Brandt, jpg, 8.5 KB
Senator Prof. Dr. Eva Quante-Brandt

Senator of Science, Health and Consumer Protection

Under-Secretary of State Ulrike Hiller, jpg, 34.9 KB
Under-Secretary of State Ulrike Hiller

Authorized Representative of Bremen at the Federal Government and for Europe