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Ratskeller/Council Cellar

The Ratskeller of Rathaus

This picture shows the Ratskeller/Council Cellar
The Ratskeller/Council Cellar

The Ratskeller, the "Cellar of Rathaus", is the "exquisite foundation" of the Gothic Rathaus. Since 1405, wine has been served here. Today, visitors can choose from around 600 different wines, all of which, without exception, originate from German wine-growing areas. Majestic, giant, old wine casks with opulent carvings give the main room a distinctive ambience. The oldest cask is from 1723.

Guests sit at hefty, long, wooden tables, order a "Schoppen" (a glass of wine) or select from the 60-page wine list. For a more intimate setting, it is possible to have a fine meal served in one of the so called "Prioelken". These are small, semicircular rooms built in 1600. Originally each "Prioelkin" was made comfortable by the warmth of its own oven.

In the so called Hauff Cellar, the poet Wilhelm Hauff was inspired to write his well-known novella "Fantasies in Bremen's Ratskeller" (1827). Presumably under the influence good wine from Ratskeller, the painter Max Slevogt was stirred to depict these stories in humorous frescoes which still decorate the walls today. The Hauff Celler as well as the Bacchus Cellar were originally built for wine storage. In the meantime they are open for guests.

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