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Chef der Senatskanzlei (Chief of the Senate Chancellery)

This picture shows Thomas Ehmke
Thomas Ehmke

"Senatskanzlei" is the central administrative unit of the "Senat”, the Bremen government. Its main tasks are the organization and coordination of the decision making processes within the "Senat” and to support the Mayor in every aspect of his political, administrative and representative duties. The head of this administrative unit is called "Chef der Senatskanzlei" (Chief of the Senate Chancellery), all the files addressing affairs of the "Senat" or of the Mayor are seen and authorized by him and he reports immediately to the Mayor. "Senatskanzlei” occupies New Town Hall and has about 80 employees.

Each Monday morning at 11 o’clock, the top advisors of the Senators convene in order to discuss the agenda of the "Senat" and to prepare the items on the agenda for the final decision making by the Senators on the following Tuesday. This meeting is headed by the "Chef der Senatskanzlei".

This meeting, as well as the meeting of the "Senat" on Tuesdays, is attended by the spokesperson of the "Präsident des Senats”.